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  1. sav

    TheGoldenNiloc Staff Application

    After revewing your application we have decided to accept your application Welcome to the AphelionMC Staff Team!
  2. sav

    Announcement LIFESTEAL RELEASE!!

    Today we are announcing the release of our 2nd gamemode lifesteal, as many of you have been waiting on this big release. we have been working on this for the past 4 months none stop to get all of this ready for you we are still open to suggestions to imporove and add more so please do make a...
  3. sav

    Reporting NinjalinuYT for scamming in ah [Tempbanned] [celinabestww]

    Hello, @GamerX3000_YT Thank you for the report. The reported player has been tempbanned and you have been refunded! This thread has been moved to Reports - Banned.
  4. sav

    AphelionMC Server Rules - Indepth

    APHELIONMC SERVER SPECIFIC RULES LIFESTEAL / SURVIVAL AFK Grinding Leveling MCMMO skills while AFK is against the rules. In game: 1st offense: MCMMO stats wiped for that skill. 2nd offense: MCMMO stats wiped for that skill and its related skills, 7 day ban. 3rd offense: MCMMO stats wiped...
  5. sav

    Announcement AphelionMC Lobby & new updates!

    Today we are announcing the release of our brand new lobby. We have been working on this on the side for the past couple of weeks. Along with this release, we will be expanding into a network this will increase our player capacity dramaticly. We also have some very exciting news regarding new...
  6. sav


    What makes a good Ban Appeal? Admit you messed up. It is always better to confess that you have done something wrong. Saying that you don't know, will not get you anywhere. Be respectful in your appeal. Insulting the Aphelion staff highly reduces your chances of getting unbanned. Have good...
  7. sav

    Important Punishment Appeal Format

    If you got punished wrongly or want to appeal the unban/unmute processor is very simple, follow the format properly and we will take a look at your appeal as soon as posible! in the title write: Your in game name [What you're banned for | Person who banned you] Format - Your in-game name: Ban...
  8. sav

    Important Bug Reports

    Please use this section to report issues affecting gameplay for everyone. If this only affects you, please make a support ticket. Please follow this template when making a Bug report: 1. Your in-game name: 2. Description of the bug and/or glitch: 3. Video/screenshots of the glitch: 4. Steps to...
  9. sav

    Important Player Reports

    Please answer these questions truthfully when reporting a player: 1. Your in-game name: 2. The offender's ingame name: 3. A description of what rule they broke/how they broke it: 4. Evidence/full screenshots: Things to be aware of: Screenshots must be full/un-cropped and unedited, or the...
  10. sav

    Important Staff Reports

    If you're reporting a Staff Member please make sure you have solid evidence or don't make a thread at all. If you false report a moderator just to get them demoted you will be punished. Your ingame name: Staff Member Name: A description of what rule they broke/how they broke it: Evidence...
  11. sav

    Legal & Illegal Modifications

    ALLOWED AND PROHIBITED MODS This post's purpose is to help you understand what modifications we allow and prohobit. Not everything will be listed. If you have any questions, feel free to ask staff in-game. Generally we allow all mods that don't provide players with an unfair advantage. ALLOWED...
  12. sav

    AphelionMC Server Rules - Indepth

    APHELIONMC SERVER RULES This is an in-depth explanation to our official rules HERE. This post is a rather long post to read. BUT IS IMPORTANT! Last updated: 29/SEP/2022 FORGERY Forgery is the falsifying of evidence in the attempt to get another player unfairly punished, this will not be taken...
  13. sav

    AphelionMC Server Rules

    AphelionMC SERVER RULES • Harassment/Staff Disrespect: (verbal warning - perm mute based on offense history and situation) • Staff Impersonation: (1 day mute) • Chat Related Offenses: (verbal warning - 1 day mute) • Extreme Chat Related Offenses: (1-3 day mute) • Advertising: (31...
  14. sav

    Important Example Application [EXAMPLE]

    Hello! Thank you for taking the time to visit my application. ☆━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━☆ I have been playing Minecraft since 2013 and I still enjoy playing all the time. I mostly enjoy building, talking with friends, and PVP. If you want to duel let me know. I also like to listen to music, talk with...