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Today we are announcing the release of our 2nd gamemode lifesteal, as many of you have been waiting on this big release. we have been working on this for the past 4 months none stop to get all of this ready for you we are still open to suggestions to imporove and add more so please do make a suggestion. Lifesteal has been an extremly custom made with counts less hours been put into it developing custom plugins for this server only.

So what do we have?
- Quests offering cash as reward
- Sell wands & Sell Chests
- Stackable Drops and Spawners
- Custom Mob Droptables
- Custom mcMMO Classes
- Daily Rewards
- Levels
- Skills & mcMMO
- KOTH (King of the Hill)
- And more!


Sell Wands and Sell Chests

I know there is nothing worse than having to take out all of the loot from your chest
to sell it over and over again, that is why we've introduced Sell wands and Sell chests.

Sell wands are sticks that when used on a chest will sell every item inside that can be
sold to /shop for the same price as /shop would buy it for
PLEASE NOTE: If you accidentally sell all of your items you will have to repurchase
them from /shop on your own, no exceptions.

Sell wands will be obtainable from crates and will scale up depending on the rarity of
the crates.

Sell chests are chests that when placed, any items that go inside of them are sold, the placer
of the chest will be given the money for the items sold. Again Beware, if you put your items
in one of these chests they will be sold and you will have to re obtain them yourself.

Any items that cannot be sold to shop will not be affected by either the Sell chest or the
sell wand.

Currently sell chests are unobtainable but will be added in a coming update soon.


Stackables and Custom Drops

Spawners and Items are now all stackable.

Items are stackable up to 1000.
Spawners are stackable upto 16.

Stacked spawners will spawn that number of mobs per spawn which is great for those
of you who want to make massive farms.

In regards to custom drops, we've removed the gamble of what you're going to recieve
when you kill a mob, mobs will now drop a fixed number of items which can be seen
by hovering over the respective spawner in /shop, all other mobs have been left untouched.

We hope all of you guys enjoy! This has probably been one of our most custom gamemodes we have made, If you have any ideas on what more we should add, let us know!

Special mentions:

This could not have been achieved without the help of @ImagineClarky for his help behind the scenes / building. @DemiseParagon for their help with the shop area, and the staff team for their help beta testing and finding bugs.​